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Why You Should Consult With a Veterinary Behaviorist

Primary care veterinarians have a solid understanding of the body’s workings and how to treat pets when they become ill. However, comprehending how the brain works and shapes behavior is a significantly more challenging feat. Veterinary behaviorists appreciate the complex interactions among a pet’s environment, family dynamics, upbringing, training history, and genetics. These veterinary specialists’ [...]

How Consulting a Veterinary Neurologist Can Improve Patient Care

The average veterinarian sees about five neurology cases per month, but refers only one case to a specialist, according to the Collaborative Care Coalition (CCC). A referral decision depends on many client- and veterinarian-related factors, among them financial concerns or failure to properly educate the client on the referral process and benefits. Clients who are [...]

How Consulting a Veterinary Surgeon Can Improve Patient Care

Most veterinarians perform surgery in some capacity, but veterinary surgery specialists perform complex procedures day in and day out. At first glance, a surgeon’s skillset may seem exclusively limited to the operating room, but surgeons are also skilled in other areas, such as orthopedic and sports injury diagnosis and advanced imaging interpretation.  An in-person surgical [...]

How Consulting a Veterinary Anesthesia Specialist Can Improve Patient Care

All veterinarians must master fundamental anesthesia skills, because evaluating pet health and anesthetic risk, crafting an appropriate and safe anesthetic protocol, and contending with complications during surgery are crucial elements of daily practice. However, many general practitioners are uncomfortable going beyond the typical elective surgery and anesthetizing high-risk or critical pets. This is where VESEPCON [...]

How Consulting with a Theriogenologist Can Improve Patient Care

Theriogenology is the study of animal reproduction, a discipline that mostly focuses on livestock and equine breeding management, because of its importance for large animal-based businesses. However, a subset of theriogenologists choose to focus on small animals—typically dogs—to improve access to reproductive health care for breeders and genetic health for dog breeds. Healthier pets benefit [...]

Get to Know: Melissa Holahan, DVM, DACVECC

Emergency and critical care (ECC) veterinary specialists are a special group who thrive in chaos and challenge. They are masters of their craft who always keep a cool head in a crisis. Our VESPECON consulting criticalist, Dr. Melissa Holahan, has years of experience under her belt and enjoys sharing her expertise to help general practitioners [...]

5 Reasons to Consult With an Equine Criticalist

Emergency care in small animal medicine has become commonplace, and pet owners expect relatively easy access to 24/7 emergency services. In the equine field, however, dedicated emergency and specialty centers are rare, and horse owners generally must handle the situations themselves or contact their trusted local equine practitioner after hours. That often spreads the trusted [...]

6 Benefits of Consulting with a Veterinary Radiologist

The average primary veterinarian uses X-rays for multiple patients each day, and relies on those imaging results for quick, accurate diagnoses, so treatment can begin promptly. Most general practitioners can interpret routine images in-house, but what if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, or you see something suspicious and wonder about the significance? Consulting [...]

Get to Know Shannon Dehghanpir, DVM, MS, DACVP

General practice veterinarians often rely on clinical pathology specialists to help guide their clinical decisions. Pathologists help us understand complex chemistry results, glean minute details from a blood smear, identify the rarest of cancer cells under the microscope, and pull together various test results to help us form an accurate diagnosis for our patients. Dr. [...]

Get to Know the Specialist: Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABC

Because pets and people are different species, when they live side by side, troubling situations can easily arise. Pets frequently have behavior problems, and many of these circumstances can result in injury and threaten the pet-owner relationship. Worse, pets who have severe behavior issues are often euthanized or relinquished. Rest assured, we recognize that primary [...]

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