Veterinary clients increasingly consider their pets as family members and demand high-level care to meet their pets’ health care needs. Many people are familiar with specialized medicine from their own health care experience and recognize the value of specialists’ expertise for their pets’ care. However, veterinary specialty access is often limited by geography and practitioner shortage. General practice veterinarians who consult with specialists can bridge this gap by providing patients with advanced care based on a board-certified diplomate’s recommendations. VESPECON offers consulting in a streamlined concierge style, allowing you to efficiently get the recommendations you need. Consider our step-by-step process.

Step #1: Identify the need to consult with a VESPECON veterinary specialist

The first step to reaping our services’ benefits is recognizing your practice’s need for them. Most primary veterinarians refer only a fraction of their cases, but studies show that earlier and more frequent specialty referral benefits patients and increases clients’ trust in the practice, resulting in long-term revenue gain from bonded clients. However, you don’t have to jump to a referral immediately. When you partner with VESPECON, you can consult online with a specialist first. 

To help prevent a client from reaching their frustration tipping point or seeking a second opinion on their own, consider consulting with our specialists sooner rather than later. Consultation is a great option when clients do not wish to or cannot see a specialist in person for any reason, or when you believe you can handle a case in house by receiving initial guidance. Our specialists can help you order and interpret diagnostics, formulate treatment plans, adjust for complications, or complete the proper workup required before an expected in-person referral.

Step #2: Sign up and request a veterinary specialist consultation

Once you have decided to consult a VESPECON specialist, visit our website to sign up for membership or request an a la carte service. After submitting the required information using our chat widget, an administrative team member will reach out to confirm and coordinate your consultation. Our concierge-style service assigns you a liaison—your practice champion—to connect you with the right specialist for your specific case and doctoring style. 

Step #3: Video chat with a veterinary specialist

After your practice champion has scheduled your specialist consultation, you’re ready to meet virtually with your advisory specialist. We use a video conferencing platform so you can see and connect with your consultant face-to-face, and the consultant can see your patient as well. Let your consultant know what you’re thinking and what you’ve found, and they will ask targeted questions and make suggestions for the next steps. Share diagnostic test results, images, videos, thoughts, and feelings to ensure receiving the best advice. You can also take advantage of our standalone imaging and cardiology study interpretation services when you don’t need a full consultation visit.

Step #4: Follow up with your VESPECON veterinary specialist or transfer your case

Once you have consulted with your VESPECON specialist and devised a treatment plan, you can discuss options and costs with your client and help guide their decision-making process. As treatment progresses, and the pet returns for follow-up visits, you can continue to consult as needed through the entire case life cycle. If an in-person referral becomes necessary for advanced imaging, specialized procedures, or additional specialist evaluation, our VESPECON concierge team will coordinate a visit for your patient. We partner with specialty facilities to procure pets’ timely appointments and seamlessly transfer cases with no client or veterinary team hassle or stress. 

Step #5: Reap the benefits of using VESPECON for veterinary patients’ needs

When you regularly turn to VESPECON, you begin to see the benefits our specialty consultants provide to your clients, patients, and practice. Our VESPECON team’s services benefit your practice by providing the following:

  • Bonded clients — Clients trust primary veterinarians who offer referrals for complex or advanced cases because they value honesty and feel you have their pet’s best interest at heart. 
  • Better case management — When specialists comanage cases, patients usually improve quickly, requiring few visits, which helps keep clients’ costs in check. 
  • Increased revenue — Patients who live long lives attributable to specialty care continue visiting your practice and bringing in revenue. 
  • Expanded knowledge base and skill set — Every consultation adds to your knowledge of a specific disease or system. You’ll also be able to see more advanced cases on your own and keep many of them entirely in-house or complete workups before referring cases out. 

Our VESPECON team consists of talented individuals who work together to ensure the best outcomes for your patients. We help you elevate your practice’s care and grow your skills and knowledge to continue providing top-tier services to clients and pets in your community. Contact us to learn more about using our services or sign up to get started.