The past few years have been challenging for the entire veterinary profession, because the global pandemic has exacerbated staffing and burnout issues, hampered efficiency, and skyrocketed the demand for care. While many pandemic-era precautions have now been retired, increased appointment demand remains. General practice veterinarians are overwhelmed, leading them to refer more cases to emergency and specialty departments, but according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), specialists are in short supply. VESPECON understands the issues facing veterinary medicine’s referral protocols, and can offer solutions for overworked, understaffed specialty practices.

VESPECON’s services for veterinary specialists

Created specifically to meet the veterinary industry’s changing demands, VESPECON offers services to connect general practitioners (GPs) with specialists, increasing client access to specialty care. GPs who enlist VESPECON‘s help on a case have access to on-demand consultation with our specialists group who guide them through providing next-level specialty care in-house. For patients who need advanced diagnostics, specialized procedures, or would otherwise benefit from in-person referral, our concierge team coordinates a visit with a local specialist who is one of our trusted network providers. GPs and specialty providers can benefit from a streamlined referral approach, and our services can help you unclog your appointment book.

Eliminating less-complex veterinary cases

As a veterinary specialist, you have many years of training and experience, and you may feel frustrated when your schedule is overloaded with less-complex cases that you believe the referring GP veterinarian could have managed. Keep in mind that a referring veterinarian who does not have an established relationship with your practice may feel uncomfortable requesting a phone consultation to help manage a case, or they may feel they are respecting your time by forgoing the phone consultation, and sending the patient straight for referral. Referring veterinarians often want to avoid stepping on your toes, and may not be aware of your preferences. 

When your practice joins VESPECON’s specialist network, we can help you eliminate many less-complex cases from your schedule, because we provide GPs with the tools and knowledge they need to manage these patients on their own. GPs using our services manage cases virtually with the guidance of our consulting specialists—freeing your time and energy to care for patients who have more serious, complicated issues. 

Evaluating cases before they visit your veterinary specialty practice

In addition to minimizing the number of less-complicated cases, our VESPECON consultants work up your incoming referral cases, ensuring they are ready for the next-level care you will be providing. When referring veterinarians consult with us, we help them manage cases in-house when possible, but if referral becomes necessary, our concierge-level services coordinate an appointment with one of our network specialty providers. Because the referring veterinarian has been working with one of VESPECON’s consulting specialists, rest assured that the preliminary diagnostics and any appropriate treatment trials have been completed before you see a patient face-to-face at your practice. This preliminary work opens space on your schedule, because these patients will require fewer visits and less appointment time to complete their treatment. 

How VESPECON benefits your veterinary specialty practice

When you join VESPECON’s specialist network, we can help refine and tailor your caseload, eliminating less-complex cases through which we can virtually guide GPs. Our services can also help you and your staff accomplish the folljowing:

  • Spend less time on the phone — Phone consults with local referring veterinarians can help build relationships, but they also take time and do not bring in revenue. Allow us to do the prereferral consultation for you.
  • Free your administrators’ time — We can help eliminate scheduling calls and difficulties, giving your customer service representatives (CSRs) more time to complete more pressing tasks. We schedule referral appointments for cases our consultants manage.
  • Prepare for your day — We work with you to place predetermined, VESPECON-only appointment slots in your schedule, and communicate with you directly about each of these patient’s issues. When VESPECON appointments are on your day’s schedule, you are briefed on what you need to know—the patient’s issues, previous treatment, and an outline for a preliminary treatment plan. By allowing us to gather and provide you with a patient’s preliminary information, you have some time to look ahead—anticipating referrals’ needs—and run your day more smoothly.
  • Build referral relationships — We can connect you directly with referring veterinarians who may not typically use your services, expanding your network with little effort from you or your CSRs.

As a veterinary specialist, you are likely struggling to meet increased demand, but VESPECON can help improve your and your staff’s efficiency, and decrease everyone’s stress. To learn more about the benefits of VESPECON’s specialist provider network, do not hesitate to contact us, and begin elevating your practice to the next level.