Veterinary medicine has reached a crisis point. Staff members are leaving the profession in droves, and veterinary care demand is through the roof. Some estimates say our profession must hire thousands more veterinarians and technicians to meet growing needs, while other reports believe these numbers are inflated. In any case, veterinary clinics are feeling the current crunch because they have minimal staff. Many veterinarians wonder how they can improve efficiency, keep clients happy, and retain their existing team members. 

Similar to general veterinary practices, some specialty practices are also suffering staffing shortages and struggling to find qualified doctors and team members. VESPECON services can fill the gap between specialist demand and supply, and help reduce staffing issues across the profession. Learn how VESPECON can help.

VESPECON improves access to veterinary specialists

The current veterinary specialist shortage is causing clients to struggle to obtain timely care for their pet’s needs. Primary veterinarians are also struggling to connect with specialists for help with complex cases. VESPECON employs a team of consulting specialists who are available to advise primary veterinarians remotely on demand, which in turn provides clients access to specialty care for their pets. Our consultants provide expert advice and recommendations to primary practitioners regardless of their location, which is especially helpful to those who have not established relationships with local specialists or who have no specialists in their geographic area. In addition, VESPECON contracts with physical specialty locations and can facilitate quick appointment scheduling for in-person specialty care. Increased access to specialists translates to better and more efficient veterinary patient care.

VESPECON provides support to solo veterinary practitioners

Many veterinarians prefer to practice in a multidoctor environment, which allows them to collaborate with colleagues on challenging or unusual cases. However, such a sounding board is unavailable to a veterinarian who must practice solo because of a doctor shortage in their clinic or general geographic area. VESEPCON consulting services offer immediate counsel for clinicians questioning a diagnosis or treatment plan, looking for a second opinion, or seeking advanced specialist advice. Our service not only provides practical case-based support for struggling veterinarians but also provides emotional and collegial support from others who understand their plight. 

VESPECON services improve veterinary practice efficiency

VESPECON can improve your veterinary practice’s efficiency in various ways. Through increased efficiency, you can care for more pets in less time and with fewer resources, diminishing strapped team members’ stress. Consider how VESPECON can save veterinary practices valuable time and energy:

  • No more waffling — Veterinarians who reach a sticking point in a patient care plan can receive immediate feedback from a consulting VESPECON specialist who can help them determine a pet’s next treatment option.
  • Quick study interpretationsVESPECON now offers imaging and cardiology study interpretations, providing answers when you need them to move patients through the diagnostic and treatment process efficiently.
  • No more phone tag — Our video chat platform offers an efficient way to consult with our specialists. No more email or phone tag with your local practicing specialists, who are also strapped for time and have a limited staff who are struggling to find the time to return calls.
  • Efficient case transfers — When urgent case transfers become necessary, your veterinary team may bear the burden of coordinating a patient’s visit to a nearby emergency or specialty facility. Rather than taking away valuable staff time because they must make multiple calls and guide clients through the referral process, VESPECON will do the work for your team.

The VESPECON veterinary consulting process

Primary veterinary practitioners and their team members can communicate seamlessly with VESPECON. We offer 100% online consultation services on a face-to-face video platform, allowing our specialists to see you and your patient in person and make better case judgments than through a phone or email conversation. Our consultants are available after the initial consultation for continued follow-up and ongoing management as long as you or your patient need us. If our specialists feel your patient would benefit from in-person specialty care, we can facilitate that visit and transfer the case seamlessly.

Veterinary professionals entered this field because they are passionate about helping pets and their owners. Demand for veterinary care is high, and staff are often pushed to their limits until they are forced into deciding they should leave the profession. VESPECON helps make veterinary careers sustainable by offering our consultants flexible positions and by offering services that can streamline your practice and improve your staff’s efficiency, unburdening your team members. Contact us to learn more about our services and how they can help your veterinary practice cope with staffing issues and flourish regardless of market conditions.