Equine surgeons are few and far between, but their knowledge and skills are invaluable. General equine practitioners can benefit from consulting with an equine surgeon when in-person access is limited for their clients or when they need advice for a complex case. VESPECON offers virtual consulting services across all veterinary disciplines, including equine medicine and surgery. Learn how consulting with our equine surgical team can improve overall patient care.

#1: Easier specialist access for clients

Roughly one in five Americans lives in a rural area, far away from urban centers where large animal specialty services typically are offered. For a lucky few, a university might be within a few hours’ driving distance. For the rest, specialty access can be hard to come by. And, even if the care is physically accessible, financial constraints may limit a client’s ability to seek such care for their horse. 

Providing clients with the option to continue care through your facility under the guidance of a specialist can be a good intermediate option that elevates care without the hassles of travel or the financial strain of a specialist visit.

#2: More support for solo veterinarians

According to the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), most equine veterinarians work in a one- or two-doctor practice. About half of these veterinarians eventually leave large animal practice for greener pastures because of personal and professional struggles. Better support for these veterinarians could keep them in the profession longer. 

Consulting with a specialist can support the solo or two-doctor equine practice by providing them with a second opinion at a moment’s notice. You won’t have to worry about what to do the next time you are stumped because our specialist team is available to resolve the issue.

#3: Provide clients with all possible treatment options

Consulting with an equine surgeon can ensure you provide clients with all possible treatment options, including those you may not be familiar with. The surgery specialist is skilled in interpreting physical exam findings, diagnostic testing, and basic and advanced imaging to determine the success rates of medical and surgical treatment options. Does this horse need to go to surgery now, or could you try medical therapy first? An equine surgeon has the answer.

#4: Effective post-specialty visit follow-ups

For those clients who choose to visit a specialist in person for an advanced procedure, you can deliver their follow-up care more effectively with a specialist in your back pocket. Through our real-time platform, an equine surgery specialist can visually examine your patient and determine if healing is proceeding appropriately and, if not, the best next steps. They also have valuable insights into rehabilitation schedules and techniques to get high-performing patients back into pre-surgery shape.

#5: Emergency and on-call management

Get help managing your toughest emergency cases by consulting with an equine surgeon. Emergencies are an expected part of equine practice, but they can be especially nerve-wracking for newer graduates who don’t have the experience to remain cool and collected in all situations. Consulting with a specialist offers instant help to develop a plan of attack, interpret diagnostics, double-check examination findings, and start treatments. Specialists also can help with surgical planning and stand by for additional questions during the procedure.

Consulting with VESPECON

We’ve brought together the best of the best veterinary specialists to provide general practice veterinarians with the support they need when they need it. Our services are offered virtually, so you can video chat within minutes of requesting a consultation and speak face-to-face with our expert team members. If your patient’s issue is multifaceted, we can loop in specialists across other disciplines to solve the problem and get you the information you need.

Our concierge team not only connects you with the experts for a virtual consultation, but they also can help with patient transfers and support your clients when the need arises for an in-person specialty visit. We can secure a timely spot and act as a liaison between you and the specialty facility, ensuring a seamless case transition to and from the specialist.

We are available when you need us most. Reach out to the VESPECON team to learn more about our consulting specialists and services, or sign up to elevate your patient care and find the support you need to thrive in equine practice.