Introducing VESPECON's Cardiology and Radiology diagnostic study interpretation options. A new source for timely study interpretation with the ability of virtual consultations. See Full Study List Here.

VESPECON Specialist Testimonial: Dr. Anne Chauvet

Our veterinary specialists love working closely with primary veterinarians to provide pet owners and pets with high-level care in a familiar and trusted setting. Our team includes advisory specialists across multiple in-demand specialties, including neurology. Learn why neurologist Dr. Anne Chauvet chooses to consult through VESPECON and how she and the rest of the team [...]

VESPECON Specialist Testimonial: Dr. Stacey Leonatti Wilkinson

The VESPECON team welcomes specialists from all disciplines, because we know that accessibility to less popular specialties can be difficult for primary care veterinarians and clients. Our exotics specialists have years of experience and knowledge to share with the veterinary community, and they can do that through our video-based telemedicine services. VESPECON consultants, including exotics [...]

VESPECON Specialist Testimonial: Dr. Jennifer E. Stokes

As a primary practice veterinarian, you likely know and recommend several local veterinary specialists. However, not all clients can afford specialty fees, or the specialty hospital may be too far away. VESPECON increases access to specialty care by providing consultations with general practitioners, which allows them to elevate in-house patient care and provide clients with [...]

VESPECON Specialist Testimonial: Dr. Emily Rothstein

We started VESPECON because we saw a need for more effective telemedicine and communication between primary veterinarians and specialists. Every member of our extensive and ever-growing consulting team feels passionate about elevating primary veterinarians and reinforcing their crucial role in pet and client care. We wanted to hear from the specialists themselves—what makes VESPECON special? [...]

VESPECON Specialist Testimonial: Dr. Coretta C. Patterson

Veterinary specialists can significantly impact a pet’s medical care and make primary veterinarians’ lives easier, but contacting one isn’t always easy. Our VESPECON team of advisory specialists has the answers you need when you need them—we’re available for virtual consultations at your fingertips. Our mission is to increase pet owner access to advanced veterinary care [...]

Nurturing the Next Generation: Mentorship Through Consultation

A veterinary medicine career is an exciting journey with challenges and opportunities. For young veterinarians, mentorship is often key to successfully navigating their professional development. However, many practices struggle to maintain adequate mentorship programs, because every staff member is constantly busy. Online and virtual communities, such as the virtual consultants at VESPECON, can help ensure [...]

The Benefits of Consulting With a Veterinary Radiation Oncologist

Collaboration and access to specialists are becoming increasingly critical in veterinary medicine, but virtual consultations with veterinary medical and radiation oncologists can be game-changing for general practice veterinarians facing patients with suspected cancer. VESPECON specialists are available to consult on cancer cases to enhance patient care and treatment outcomes.  Veterinary radiation oncologists specialize in the [...]

Get to Know Kenneth Pierce DVM, MS, DACVO

Dr. Kenneth Pierce had an established clinical ophthalmology practice,  Veterinary Vision Center, in Shreveport, LA, when he recognized that pets in underserved regions of the United States also needed specialty care. He was inspired to create VESPECON to bridge the gap between veterinary specialists and general practitioners and to expand pet owner access to referrals [...]

VESPECON Cardiology and Radiology Diagnostic Study Interpretations

Veterinarians rely on diagnostic testing to identify their patients’ conditions. However, accurately interpreting those test results is not always a simple task. Board-certified specialists become experts in evaluating diagnostics relating to their specialty, and radiologists are trained to evaluate imaging studies across all disciplines. Primary veterinarians learn basic diagnostic skills but cannot be expected to [...]

The VESPECON Veterinary Specialist Consulting Process

Veterinary clients increasingly consider their pets as family members and demand high-level care to meet their pets’ health care needs. Many people are familiar with specialized medicine from their own health care experience and recognize the value of specialists’ expertise for their pets’ care. However, veterinary specialty access is often limited by geography and practitioner [...]

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