Veterinary patients who have orthopedic, neurologic, or developmental conditions often have a diminished quality of life. Therapies that include rehabilitation exercises and various treatment modalities are often extremely beneficial for patients with these conditions. However, they may not have easy access to a rehabilitation facility or specialist. Our VESPECON sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists can help by consulting with you remotely, helping you enhance your patients’ care plans.

#1: Improve canine athletic performance

To strengthen the bond they share with their dog, an increasing number of pet owners are pursuing canine athletic disciplines. Given the rise in canine sports, you are likely many canine athletes’ primary veterinarian. At the highest level, canine sports competition is intense, and participants must remain in tip-top shape. If you lack the expertise to treat a canine athlete’s performance decline, they may have difficulty overcoming their impediment. However, our VESPECON sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists can provide you with the resources you need to evaluate and treat your four-legged superstar patients.

#2: Troubleshoot orthopedic diagnoses in pets

Are you struggling to understand why a chronically lame patient’s diagnostic images continue to look normal? A sports medicine and rehab specialist can provide guidance and, through our video chat consultation platform, visually evaluate your patient in real-time, offering suggestions and helping you formulate an effective treatment plan. You can also collaborate with our consulting surgeons to determine whether a pet could benefit from an in-person specialty visit.

#3: Implement therapeutic exercises for pets

Therapeutic exercise can be beneficial for any patient suffering from orthopedic or neurologic problems, and no specialized equipment is required. When you consult with a VESPECON sports medicine and rehab specialist, we help you understand a pet’s unique needs and prescribe an exercise progression that will improve their mobility and function. This is a cost-effective solution for clients who cannot afford in-clinic pet rehab therapy or for those who do not have a rehab facility nearby.

#4: Optimize laser therapy protocols for pets

If your veterinary practice provides laser therapy, you are likely familiar with protocols for using this modality to treat common ailments. Our VESPECON sports medicine and rehab specialists have extensive training in all therapeutic modalities, including laser, and can provide you with a unique perspective. If you are faced with a complex or unfamiliar case and are unsure where to begin, our specialists can help you formulate an effective protocol by drawing on their personal experience.

#5: Beef up your veterinary clinic’s rehab offerings

Practitioners seeking continued rehabilitation education and experience usually plan to offer rehab services to their patients. A consulting specialist can help you determine the equipment that will have the most impact on patient care and a good cost-to-value ratio when you’re starting out. 

#6: Create customized rehab plans for pets

After you’ve attended CE sports medicine and rehabilitation lectures and purchased the necessary equipment to increase the treatment modalities you offer to patients in-house, you can count on our VESPECON specialists to guide you through program development. In addition, we can advise you when a case requires referral to an in-person specialist.

#7: Initiate a clinic weight-loss club for pets

Our VESPECON sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists have foundational knowledge of pet exercise. Because more than half of the nation’s pets are classified as being overweight or obese, many of your patients could likely benefit from an in-house weight-management program. A specialist’s advice is valuable when you’re working with an extremely obese pet or one who has a pre-existing joint or neurologic diseases that has contributed to the patient’s weight gain, which can make weight loss more difficult.

With fewer than 150 board-certified veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists based in the United States, expert rehab care can be difficult to access for many pet and horse owners. When you partner with VESPECON, you can rely on rehab expertise that will enhance your patient care. In addition, you will have access to valuable tools and expertise on which you can depend to better manage future cases. 

Our virtual consulting platform allows meaningful connection and collaboration between our VESPECON team and yours, helping ensure you can provide your patients with every possible treatment option. Contact us to learn more about our services, check out our expert team, or sign up here.