Veterinarians today are facing more barriers to professional and personal happiness—compassion fatigue, burnout, mental health issues, mountainous debt, skyrocketing inflation—you name it, and it’s a veterinary community problem. However, veterinarians also are now fortunate to have more business than they can handle, which allows for tremendous growth and the development of innovative solutions and new practice models.

Primary care veterinarians struggling with a heavy or complex workload, practicing without colleagues, or located in rural areas often lack the necessary specialist support for managing their cases, leading to moral distress over poor case outcomes and client dissatisfaction. VESPECON knows that veterinary practice can be difficult, and wants to make it easier. Here are a few benefits of using our services.

#1: Specialist support at your fingertips

When you feel isolated or as if your hands are tied by client limitations, you can turn to our advisory specialist team for help. We offer virtual video chat consultations, coordinated by your practice champion—a person dedicated to connecting you with the right specialist for your needs and facilitating smooth communication. Our team is literally available at your fingertips, so you don’t have to worry about calling another area specialist and waiting for a reply. We can help you now. 

While our team encompasses nearly every specialty you could need, we are also a close-knit, small group, which means that each time you can consult with the same specialists, who will be by your side throughout the entire case. Our specialists have deep veterinary community roots, and we can help you expand your roots.

#2: Community connections

If your patient needs more help than you can offer through specialist consultation, we can help you find a local area specialist and connect you and your client directly. If you are new to your area, practice in a “specialty desert,” or are too overwhelmed with specialists to form individual meaningful relationships, we will help you find one who meets your clients and your practice’s needs through our dedicated network. We help facilitate communication and build a strong referring veterinarian-specialist relationship you can fall back on for future patient needs.

#3: Improved case outcomes

Studies show that pets with chronic, recurrent, or complex conditions often fare better with collaborative care, rather than primary or specialty care alone. Our consulting services provide an intermediate step between primary and in-person specialty care that your clients will likely find more comfortable and that will keep many cases in-house. If you are struggling to manage conditions such as chronic otitis, heart disease, or diabetes, our specialists will help you vastly improve these pets’ conditions. 

Not only can we help you with individual case management, but also with similar future cases. Each time you consult with us, you’ll build more knowledge and skill to better handle your own cases—which is good for your patients, and for your type-A, constant thirst for self-improvement.

#4: Decreased moral stress

Watching a pet suffer because clients cannot afford specialty care or travel to a distant specialty location, or because you do not have the skills to handle specialty-level cases-in house, can lead to moral distress. Economic euthanasia contributes to this distress, and can result in compassion fatigue or burnout. Our experts can provide pet owners with a larger spectrum of care options and you with extra learning, allowing you to give these pets a better chance, and feel good about your care.

#5: Client buy-in, compliance, and loyalty

Did you know that happy clients are loyal clients? Of course you did, but perhaps you are unsure how that can always be achieved. Our services provide pets with better care, which increases your client’s trust in you and your practice. Clients want options, they want high-level care, and they want cost-effective care, all of which our dedicated VESPECON team can provide.

You will be a better veterinarian if you expand your virtual and local support network, and will be better able to cope with everyday practice stress. To learn more about our services, and how using VESPECON can elevate your practice and make your life easier, contact us or sign up here.