Veterinary clients come from all walks of life and have differing views, values, and financial means. One thing all clients have in common is their desire to care for their pets in the best way possible, working within their belief system and budget. When patients require specialty-level care, referral may be out of reach, but all or nothing care doesn’t have to be a client’s only option. VESPECON’s veterinary consultation services can provide patients with specialty care within their primary care office and take the hassle out of coordinating in-person specialty visits. Here are the top four ways VESPECON can help your clients and patients. 

#1: Elevated care

All clients want what’s best for their pet, but gold-standard care isn’t always attainable. When pets require specialty referral, some clients may be unable or unwilling to follow the recommendation. Clients may defer specialty referral for many reasons, including:

  • Financial concerns — Many clients have tight budgets, particularly with inflation rising, and specialty care may be out of reach.
  • Location — Client threshold for maximum tolerated travel distance varies wildly, with some willing to go any distance for their pet, while others refuse or are unable to travel for more than 30 minutes. If you’re in a rural area, distance may be the biggest barrier to care.
  • Preference — As your client’s general practice veterinarian, you may be their most trusted adviser, and some clients are unwilling to hand over care to another provider, especially if they’ve used your services through multiple pet generations.

When referral isn’t possible, you can offer your clients another option to ensure their pets receive the best possible care. VESPECON connects primary veterinarians with board-certified specialists, who provide video consultations to help manage complex cases—without a physical referral. The client and patient can stay with their trusted veterinarian, but receive elevated, specialty-level care and advice. 

#2: Faster treatment for better outcomes

Whether or not a client is able to pursue referral, consulting with a VESPECON specialist can improve patient outcomes. Patients can benefit from the following:

  • Quicker treatment — VESPECONspecialists can help you implement the best possible initial steps for your case, right away. The patient benefits from immediate action, without waiting for a specialist appointment. When in-person appointments are needed, VESPECONcan expedite the process.
  • Better interim case management — When specialist referral is pursued, patients must still be managed in the interim. VESPECON consultation can provide the general practice veterinarian with the tools and knowledge to prevent deterioration of the pet’s condition while they wait.
  • Efficient case transfers — Cases can be seamlessly transferred from the VESPECON consultant to an in-person specialist, and appointment wait times reduced. 

#3: Stress-free appointment coordination

Specialty visit coordination can be stressful. In some cases, busy veterinarians give their clients a list of local providers and ask them to coordinate the appointment themselves. This often fails because clients forget, don’t have time, or don’t see the value in visiting the specialist. On the other hand, when veterinarians coordinate a visit, they must use their valuable time to make multiple calls securing a spot, communicating medical history, and determining follow-up needs. 

VESPECON eliminates this stress by providing a dedicated practice champion and concierge service to coordinate patient appointments. We have a network of specialists ready and waiting to fill appointment slots reserved specifically for VESPECON’s patients. Patients receive the care they need in a timely manner, and nobody has to spend hours on the phone. 

#4: Efficient care for better value

Referring veterinarians often feel they must exhaust all diagnostic and treatment options before sending their patients for referral, necessitating multiple visits at a high cost to the client. In addition, some of the work already done may be repeated by the specialist, if they prefer a different treatment approach. When veterinarians consult with VESPECON specialists early in a case, they can develop a concrete game plan for step-wise case management, allowing the client to spend their available dollars on targeted diagnostics and treatments with the most bang for their buck. Guidance from a specialist can help veterinarians streamline their patients’ care, eliminating repeat visits and establishing a timeline for referral. 

VESPECON can help clients and patients get the specialty care they need without all the hassles. If you’re ready to learn more about VESPECONs benefits for your clients, contact us to get started.