Veterinary specialists spend years honing their craft and serve as invaluable resources for clients and referring veterinarians. With demand for specialty care skyrocketing, many practices find themselves overwhelmed, booked weeks or months in advance, and working overtime to accommodate emergencies. Alternatively, specialists in private practice or oversaturated markets may struggle to form relationships with busy referring veterinarians. If you’re a veterinary specialist looking to increase your reach in the community, streamline and refine your booking process, and provide more focused care, VESPECON can help.

VESPECON offers general practitioners virtual consultations with board specialists to help them manage their complex cases. Simpler cases can be co-managed virtually without physical referral, but those that require advanced care can be transferred seamlessly to a specialist within our local provider network. Joining our network can help you find solutions to your practice’s most bothersome problems. Here are the top four reasons veterinary specialists choose to join the VESPECON network.

#1: Widened referral network

Whether you work in a major metropolitan area or serve a rural community, gaining the trust and loyalty of local referring veterinarians can be a challenge. Some prefer to keep cases in-house, others aren’t aware of your presence, and still others have an existing relationship with another provider. Traditional business methods dictate that extending your practice’s reach requires marketing, which can be expensive and time-consuming. VESPECON’s process can help you widen your referral network, while reducing or eliminating the need for marketing. 

When you join our network, you’ll become a preferred provider for general practitioners using our consultation services. Because we coordinate and expedite booking, clients and referring veterinarians no longer have to “shop around” to find the soonest availability or lowest fees—they book directly with you. You’ll forge new relationships with veterinarians in your area who didn’t previously refer, without having to lift a finger, and retain clients through a superior customer service experience.

#2: Simplified booking process

You probably receive hundreds of calls each day—patient updates, medication refills, client questions, referring veterinarian questions, and, of course, appointment booking for existing and new patients. VESPECON can help reduce the burden on your client care staff by serving as a liaison between you and newly referred clients. Instead of clients calling, who may be unsure of their pet’s history or condition, we’ll fill your schedule with pre-screened cases so you can better predict their needs and run your day more efficiently. 

#3: Ability to focus on advanced care

As a specialist, you’re trained to practice the most advanced medicine in your field, so you may feel frustrated when cases come to you without appropriate workup. When you start from scratch with basic diagnostics, your patient’s treatment takes more time, more visits, and more communication. VESPECONeliminates this problem and reduces the overload in your schedule by allowing primary veterinarians to consult with an advisory specialist before referral. Simpler cases can be managed virtually, and patients who are referred have already undergone necessary tests and treatment trials. You can focus your energy on treating only those patients who require your expertise. 

#4: Increased reach

Joining VESPECON’s specialty network can help you increase efficiency, expand your referral network, and refine your caseload so you can focus less on business needs and more on patient care. When you work with VESPECON, your referring veterinarians learn from our board advisory specialists, who provide them with new knowledge and skills to better manage their own complex cases. You’ll enjoy better communication with your referring veterinarians and see more refined cases. As a result of these improvements, you’ll see happier clients who spread the word, and you’ll enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Increased revenue — Higher revenue can help you provide better services for clients and patients, expand your team, improve staff compensation and job satisfaction, and upgrade to state-of-the art equipment and facilities.
  • Increased ability to compete — Private practices using VESPECON stand out from the crowd and gain an edge over their corporate competition through improved finances and larger referral base.
  • Increased community reach — VESPECON helps funnel more clients and patients your way from a variety of referral partners. You’ll do what you went to veterinary school to do—help more pets recover from illness and injury.

If your specialty practice could use help reaching more clients, or you would like to learn more about how VESPECON can help prepare cases before they reach your exam room, contact us to get started.